I don’t think I’m ready

We all do it every day – take in new information and hear others’ experiences, and shift our viewpoints. So as you consider the COVID-19 vaccines, we hope some of these real stories and facts can offer a fresh way to look at things as you make your decisions.

Real voices from Minnesotans who have changed their minds.

Thousands of people just like you have had questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines. Hear what switched their views.

Real information on COVID-19’s impact.

We hope these facts and figures give you more information about COVID-19 and the vaccines.
As of February 2022, you’re
To be hospitalized unvaccinated.
mRNA tech in the vaccines has been in development for over
15 years
In 2021, Minnesota had
COVID-related deaths compared to only
influenza-related deaths.

Hear it from real doctors.

Talking to doctors is a great way to help dispel some of the myths that have been associated with the COVID-19 vaccines.
Dr. McKinney - changed my mind

Dr. McKinney: Changed my mind

Dr. Taylor - DNA

Dr. Taylor: DNA

Dr. Armbruster - Too New

Dr. and Dr. Armbruster: Too New

Dr. McKinney Distrust

Dr. McKinney: Distrust


Dr. McKinney: What is in the vaccine?

Still Get Covid

Dr. Taylor: Still get COVID?

Too New

Dr. Taylor: Too new

Dr. Taylor - Already had COVID

Dr. Taylor: Already had COVID

Dr. Taylor and Dr. A: pregnancy

Dr. and Dr. Armbruster: Pregnancy

Dr. and Dr. Armbruster - DNA

Dr. and Dr. Armbruster: DNA

Dr. McKinney Infertility

Dr. McKinney: Infertility

Hear it from real pediatricians.

We know deciding to vaccinate your children is a decision you don’t take lightly. Hear what pediatricians think.

why get my children vaccinated?

Dr. Crespo – Why should kids get vaccinated?

Should we wait to have our kids vaccinated?

Dr. Crespo – Should we wait to vaccinate our kids?

can the vaccine cause fertility issues?

Dr. Crespo – Fertility

are the vaccine safe for kids?

Dr. Crespo – Are vaccines safe for kids?

conversaciones reales sobre la vacuna covid

Dr. Crespo – Fertility (Spanish version)

You’re in good company.

Hear from others who have changed their minds about the COVID-19 vaccine.


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Sharon & Malachai’s Story

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Tony Lee’s Story

Tony Lee

Katie Schachtner’s Story

Tony Lee

Dave Williams’ story (2 min)

Sheletta Brundidge’s story (:30)

Dave Williams’ story (:30)

I think I am ready to get vaccinated.